Beer thrown on pickup artist Roosh V. probed (Toronto Sun)

Are they probing the beer or the “pickup artist”? Turns out the guy is blogger who has acquired some notoriety (and surely page hits) by arguing that rape should be legal as long as it was conducted in private property.

So somebody threw beer at him. Apparently he is going to TO to speak. Apparently one can make money advocating for rape. Hmm … I wonder if murder is taken? Yup. (Damn that Dick Cheney!) Gotta go think.


Sydney Uni lays down law on plagiarism for students (TAus)

Someone in Sydney woke up to discover there’s an Internet.

DC officer is investigated; threat against First Lady alleged (WP)

OK, but WTF did the cop say? The Washington Post doesn’t know, the AP doesn’t know, The New York Times doesn’t know.

In Million-Dollar Theft Case, Church Worker With a Secret Past (NYT)

In sum: the Catholic Church cares much more about getting its money stolen than it does about having its children raped.

The story is that an accounts payable clerk embezzled $1 million from New York Catholic Archdiocese, was fired in June by church officials, which referred her case to the district attorney; she was arrested this week and faces trial. How many bishops and priests in the child-rape conspiracy were fired and brought to trial with that kind of thoroughness and speed?

Row over Pakistan actress Veena Malik nude ‘ISI’ photo (BBC)

Police Sweep Protest From Zuccotti Park (NYT)

A 2 am police raid on unarmed protesters, with press barred. News posted on the NYT site around noon. Nacht und nebel.

As Refugees From Haitii Linger, Dominicans’ Good Will Fades (NYT)

What “good will”? Have the editors and headline writers at The New York Times never been to Washington Heights?
If they had, they would know with unerring certainty that the Dominicans (citizens of the republic, not members of the religious order) hate the Haitians with a passion that makes the McCoys regular Mahatma Ghandis.