Better a government shutdown than to give even one more cut to the GOP

Barack Obama wants four more years? He has to show those of us who voted for him some of that “change” he promised and stop giving in to the Republicans, Wall Street, the war industry, etc. How about some change for the rest of us?


Lower East Side Has Less to Offer Jesuits Who Teach the Poor (NYT)

Uplifting news, for a change. New York City’s Lower East Side is gentrifying, pricing out the poor children served by a middle school run by the Jesuits. So they’re moving to follow the priced-out to a needy neighborhood by 2012.

If there is one bias all journalists share, it’s against good news.

Still, the Times didn’t quite bury this one: teaser on the front page, story in the front section, not in ghetto of the local news section. maybe it’s August, or maybe it’s what great papers do.

And, yes, I did see it in print first.

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