Toward an opening from the crisis in Madagascar (LM)

photo of Andry Rajoelina

Andry Rajoelina, transitional head of state of Madagascar since March 21, 2009

It’s not just animated animals from the New York Central Zoo in Madagascar.

Right now the Malagasy president is the former mayor of Antananarivo, the island nation’s capital. Andry Nirina Rajoelina is the self-proclaimed head of state after youth protests forced the resignation of an authoritarian ruler, in power since the 1990s. Now elections have been called for next year.

Things you learn from Le Monde.

(Click here for story. Original headline: Vers une sortie de crise politique à Madasgascar.)


A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis (NYT)

What did anyone expect? U.S. invasion, add water and —presto!— Iraq becomes Belgium?

Read the story here.

Afghanistan: Wikileaks refers to “war crimes” (LM)

So that’s what the president who promised “change” is trying to hide?

(Headline in French: Afghanistan : Wikileaks évoque des ‘crimes de guerre’)

Pakistan’s Elite Pay Few Taxes, Widening Gap (NYT)

Ye gods! The Pakis have figured out how to have a country with slums and gated communities, too!