In China, Illegal Rare Earth Mines Face Crackdown (NY Times)

We’re doomed! We pollute and exploit the poorest even to make “clean” energy. Turns out that mining “heavy rare earths”  — red clay rich in dysprosium, terbium and europium found in the world’s poorest areas — is “vital” to manufacture high-tech hardware … including wind-power turbines and hybrid vehicles.


Armed groups vow Israel attacks (AJE)

Mommy, mommy, why is there conflict in the Middle East? Let Aljazeera, the Arab world’s leading news channel, explain it, dear.

“Thirteen Palestinian factions issue threat amid relaunch of direct Middle East peace negotiations in Washington.”

All right, so it’s not just the many armed, bearded and hooded Palestinian groups. A little Israeli clusterbombing on civilian populations may have something to do with it.

These guys deserve each other.

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