Disputed land in Ayodhya Ram’s birthplace, but split it: High Court (Hindustan Times)

A high court has just solomonically decided to split the child in a riot-ridden dispute over a plot in Ayodhya, India, that Hindus say is the birthplace of the god Ram, but was also used for Muslim worship. Riots broke out after Hindus demolished the Babri Masjid mosque on the site in 1992. The legal ownership case has been in court since 1855. Hindus are known to have worshiped there since before 1528, when the original temple was demolished.


Belgian Church Leader Urged Victim to Be Silent (NYT)

What happens when the sitting pope is an actual Nazi and a leading light of the Second Vatican Council becomes embroiled with police in tawdry scandals? I’m waiting for the third act. What can these guys (and they are all guys) come up with next? Are they all high? What gives?

Color me puzzled.

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