Strike! Strike! Strike!

If the Republicans are going to ban the very point of having unions, making the labor market in Wisconsin a buyer’s market for slave owners, why not defy them and close down schools, police and fire stations?


Not in the News Today (Nowhere)

“Over one million workers will be cut off unemployment insurance in just one month, starting November 30th, unless Congress continues the federal emergency extensions for jobless Americans,” said Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project. “These are people who have been laid off through no fault of their own and are desperately looking for jobs, but would be snapped from the lifeline of jobless benefits just as the holiday season kicks into high gear.  Congress will have to act fast when it reconvenes to avoid a catastrophe.  The clock is ticking.”

Recession is officially over, but anxiety lingers

Yayy! Break the champagne!

What’s this I hear? Some malingerers have “anxiety”? Bring back the Poor Houses and Debtors’ Prisons. Let them eat cakes. Off with their heads.

Retail sales notch biggest advance in 5 months

How does Macy’s, say, making more money in August benefit you and me? Why should we care? Does it get us economic security or universal health care?

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State aid bill a gamble for Dems (Politico)

Finally, the Democratic majority acts like one! Cutting spending now is bad math.

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BP’s Dudley: Time for ‘scaleback’ in Gulf cleanup (USAT)

BP’s got compassion fatigue and is now ready to hire contractors to bear the cleanup and compensation blame. Never really intended to fix anything — Brit accent or yank accent.

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The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers (NYT)

In a world of $184 million CEOs (Larry Ellison, Oracle), why not?

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