As Refugees From Haitii Linger, Dominicans’ Good Will Fades (NYT)

What “good will”? Have the editors and headline writers at The New York Times never been to Washington Heights?
If they had, they would know with unerring certainty that the Dominicans (citizens of the republic, not members of the religious order) hate the Haitians with a passion that makes the McCoys regular Mahatma Ghandis.


Mr. Big takes a perp walk (WP)

If you haven’t had time to read up on Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest, consider Eugene Robinson’s useful appropriation of everybody else’s reporting in his “column” yesterday (May 17). If you want analysis, try here, or consider any other newspaper.

Robinson, a once-promising journalist sent abroad to South America and London, proved with his posting to plum posts that in his years at a newsroom desk job he had honed his workplace politics.

That the Washington Post passes off Robinson’s regurgitation of every newspaper and newswire’s reporting, plus his puerile insight that DSK is — wait for it — a “dinosaur,” is the admission of the prehistoric status of the newspaper and its tired old pundits, who have nothing new whatsoever to add.