No, Donald Trump isn’t hurting Republicans with Latinos (WP)

Don’t be fooled by this Washington Post headline.

After all, the paper is now owned by Jeff Bezos, a Cuban-American, and it now nakedly represents a right-wing view; before, it was owned by the limousine liberal Graham family, which hired very few minorities to positions of responsibility—yes, Eugene Robinson, you’re just the token black face—and had no pangs of conscience when they busted unions in their shop.

Moreover, the “news” story is based on a Gallup poll. When George Gallup—whom I knew to be a gentleman and a courageous social scientist—ran these polls, they were reputable. However, last February when Jim Clifton, current CEO of the Gallup organization, didn’t like the falling unemployment figures, he spoke of them as part an Obama Administration “Big Lie”—because, of course, Obama is just like Hitler, right?

Welcome to the Fox Post.


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