The “government shut down” is fake

The social security checks, the tax refunds and the snail mail will go out. “Nonessential” federal employees (Are any truly essential? Is anyone?) will be deprived of their BlackBerrys.

Suffering comes cheap. Just like “we” fight wars far away and with little disruption, with the socioeconomic refuse of our society who have no other option but to “volunteer.”

The reason politicians are willing to go to the “brink” is that their is nothing beyond it but a roomful of cushions.

Want a real shut down? Close everything federal down. Last one out turn out the lights.

Then we’ll see how unnecessary government really is.


One Response to “The “government shut down” is fake”

  1. Tina Says:

    I am vote challenged for rating this. It took my vote incorrectly. I really liked this blog

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