Does it all end in tears in the Arab world?

Japan is now providing great news cover for Western cowardice (malice and premeditation?) in failing to aid the democratic aspirations of Libyans (and Egyptians) and letting the Saudi army slip into Bahrain. What a great distraction from food-price spiral fueled popular discontent—after all, a tsunami we can’t really do anything about.

Meanwhile, events have tumbled on beyond White House control. How odd to hear the sound-bite of Obama talking about the “tightening noose” around Libyan dictator Disputed Spelling, seconds before hearing of the latest rebel defeat and the cheering in Tripoli, on whose shores no Marines are evident.

Can’t have people’s revolts shaking up the oil supply, can we?

The main event of the circus is not here yet. Just wait until nuclear fallout from Japan starts getting blown across the Pacific to … oops! … the United States. Won’t that be poetic justice for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Think we’re navel gazing now? Wait until we all get radiated.


2 Responses to “Does it all end in tears in the Arab world?”

  1. Geneviève Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that you all will get radiated ….

    I heard that every country is afraid with Lybia’s leader and his possible foolish decisions, and overall, that every country is involved with his money…

    What a disgusting world.

  2. Geneviève Says:

    Oh finally, the UNO will do something…

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