The harsh math behind Obama’s tax-cut pledge (WP)

Why are we even debating whether people making six figures should pay proportionately fewer taxes than the overwhelming majority, the average Joes and Janes making less than half? Columnist Ruth Marcus, who is not an economist, begins to ask the important question.

Sure, there’s the insufferable inside baseball at its utmost — no, Peter Orszag’s rhetorical hand grenade in The New York Times two days ago (see here) was not lobbed at White House request. Marcus, a former political reporter, knows how to dial a building three blocks from her office to ask sources she knows from forever— why didn’t an active reporter do it?

Never mind those making more than $250,000 — yes, Virginia, the Repubs want to liberate them forever from paying their responsible share.

So? Why?

Read the story here.


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