Disputed land in Ayodhya Ram’s birthplace, but split it: High Court (Hindustan Times)

A high court has just solomonically decided to split the child in a riot-ridden dispute over a plot in Ayodhya, India, that Hindus say is the birthplace of the god Ram, but was also used for Muslim worship. Riots broke out after Hindus demolished the Babri Masjid mosque on the site in 1992. The legal ownership case has been in court since 1855. Hindus are known to have worshiped there since before 1528, when the original temple was demolished.


Banned Books Week: it’s back (LA Times)

Here in the land of the free old faithfuls such as Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger and Alice Walker are among the authors lots of people want removed from the shelves, the American Library Association reminds us with Banned Books Week. The reasons are always ignorant bias or a firm opposition to seeing what’s there to see. Read the whole list at the Los Angeles Times

Three employees dismissed for insults made on Facebook

Reality beats fiction again: just as a film (The Social Network) is due out about youthful creators of Facebook, three women in France were fired essentially for gossiping about their workplace on the social media site. As Le Monde reports it, the case is going to a labor court next March. Stay tuned.

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Recession is officially over, but anxiety lingers

Yayy! Break the champagne!

What’s this I hear? Some malingerers have “anxiety”? Bring back the Poor Houses and Debtors’ Prisons. Let them eat cakes. Off with their heads.


Ingrid Betancourt’s book goes on sale tomorrow

Ingrid Betancourt’s hold on the French imagination is astonishing. The Colombian former presidential candidate, kidnapped in 2002, the subject of a haunting song by Cecilem (no relation) and a spectacular rescue in 2006, is now satirized and reviled by her fellow former captives. She repays the favor in Even Silence Ends. We care because?

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Warren takes post; liberals cheer (WP)

Why is anyone cheering the latest Obama half-measure? Or is the real story that Elizabeth Warren is better at critiquing than governing? Get some spine, liberals! Demand real change.

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Gray defeats Fenty as voters choose conciliatory approach over brash tactics (WP)

Welcome to a return of the misrule made infamous by crack-smoking former mayor-for-life Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. Mayor-elect Vincent Gray is an inept manager put up by the deadwood-supporting unions that brought us failing schools, dead children under city care and hours of waiting in line at DMV.

Down with Gray and the re-bureaucratization and restoration of patronage, poverty-pimping and payola in D.C.!

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