Even Beck can’t mar King’s legacy (WP)

The laziest opinionator in print versus the laziest opinionator on the cable tube: Who will lose most? The public.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson has never found an occasion to be a toady in which he wouldn’t dip his nose deeper into the brown. Nor a situation he couldn’t look at through other than his appointed “journalism” beat as, The Daily Show might say, chief black correspondent. Years in Buenos Aires and London taught him nothing about those places, other than that there are fewer African-Americans there than in Washington, D.C..

Glenn Beck hasn’t even tried to be a journalist. Ever. He’s been a “twinkie” (blond on the outside, fluffy on the inside) every step of his broadcast career. Now he’s discovered you can make $30 million a year (according to Forbes) bloviating misinfoganda to the new Know-Nothing movement.

Which one is worse?

Between bouts with his many and varied women, even Martin Luther King, Jr., would be embarrassed by Robinson’s cheesy Tom act of invocation of the civil rights “good cop.” As for Beck, I’m sure King would surely scratch his head: How could Robinson miss such an easy target by a mile?

Read the story here.


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