Afghanistan: Wikileaks refers to “war crimes” (LM)

So that’s what the president who promised “change” is trying to hide?

(Headline in French: Afghanistan : Wikileaks évoque des ‘crimes de guerre’)


4 Responses to “Afghanistan: Wikileaks refers to “war crimes” (LM)”

  1. g Says:

    You forget the word “proofs”: “Wikileaks refers to proofs of war crimes.”

    Yes, that is what your president wants to change (does he hide it?) as it is half said at the end of the article you quote: “Les rapports publiés portent sur la période 2004-2009, soit avant le lancement d’une nouvelle stratégie demandée par Barack Obama en décembre 2009”

  2. g Says:

    We don”t read the same newspapers then: here is the link to yesterday edition’s headline, re taken today: “”

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