BP’s Dudley: Time for ‘scaleback’ in Gulf cleanup (USAT)

BP’s got compassion fatigue and is now ready to hire contractors to bear the cleanup and compensation blame. Never really intended to fix anything — Brit accent or yank accent.

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Brakes applied on Arizona law’s racism (EI)

But was Toyota the manufacturer?

(Original in Spanish: Frenan racismo de ley Arizona. Click here to go to story.)

The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers (NYT)

In a world of $184 million CEOs (Larry Ellison, Oracle), why not?

Note: click here to read story.

Afghanistan: Wikileaks refers to “war crimes” (LM)

So that’s what the president who promised “change” is trying to hide?

(Headline in French: Afghanistan : Wikileaks évoque des ‘crimes de guerre’)

“Democrats Sketch Ad Plan For Defending House Seats” and “Democrats Call Off Effort For Climate Bill in Senate” (NYT, p. A14)

Since we’re off on weekends, here’s a twofer: Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot in the most crucial congressional election in the last 20 years.

Economic future ‘unusually uncertain’ (WTimes)

Ha, ha, Bernanke doesn’t know what’s going on in the economy!

Britain’s Leader Carves Identity As Slasher of Government Bloat (NYT)

Don’t hold your breath that the new Thatcher wannabe will slash the government’s annual payment to the royal couple (about $7.3 million).